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Tax season can be one of the most stressful times of the year for people. Despite the fact that taxes are due on the same day every year, April 18th always seems to pop out of no where and push one more thing onto our plates. What’s more, despite the face that every working adult is expected to do their taxes each year, we are never taught exactly how to do them. We struggle through as young adults, eventually getting the hang of it or otherwise hiring someone else to make sure that we have handled everything accurately and effectively.

rick keloRick Kelo is a tax specialist, executive recruiter, economist, and writer who publishes articles on his blog, as well as many others, that explain issues related to the United States economy and political structures, specifically taxation. In one of his more recent articles, he explained the difference between classical liberalism and modern liberalism. Classical liberalism, which many of founding fathers supported, is a political ideology that focuses on securing individual rights for the people, as opposed to the government. It is a system that seeks to return or implement as much power and control as possible into the hands of the American people. Modern liberalism, on the other hand, largely supports government intervention for many different things.

The articles that Rick Kelo publishes online, however, are separate from his day job. He is first and foremost an executive recruiter for TaxScout, Inc.—the nation’s premier tax search firm. He helps to bring tax professionals to companies that are in need of a full time financial expert and consultant.

In a recent article, Tax Recruiting Firm TaxScout Opens New Office in Atlanta, the company has proved that they are not slowing down in their efforts to be one of the most respected and sought after professional consulting firms in the entire country. For example, on his website you can find articles with titles such as “The Minimum Wage Issue”, “What is the Optimal Progressive Tax?”, “Answering for the 2008 Global Economic Crash”, and “Free Market Capitalism and the Drive Towards Progress”. These articles explain some of the most basic economic issues facing the United States today. What’s more, they are not overly lengthy and provide at least enough information to enable readers to hold their own in a casual conversation about the United States economy. He also has a knack for writing and explaining things in fun and creative ways. For example, his article “Socialism and Star Wars” talks about how the Republic in Star Wars represents a typically socialist structure.

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